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Engagement Session in Pacifica-Andrea and Mardy

This engagement session in Pacifica was both romantic and playful. Andrea and Mardy’s wedding was taking place in the California Wine Country, so using the lovely Northern California coast seemed the perfect compliment for the engagement session. We, of course, played on the picturesque beach and used the vibrant cliffs as backdrops, but Mardy also wanted to do a few images of him being Superman! What fun! I loved how he had the t-shirt ready under his shirt and Andrea played a perfect Lois Lane. Congratulations to Andrea and Mardy!

Engagement Session in Pacifica01Engagement Session in Pacifica01Engagement Session in Pacifica01Engagement Session in Pacifica01Engagement Session in Pacifica01Engagement Session in Pacifica01Engagement Session in Pacifica01Engagement Session in Pacifica01Engagement Session in Pacifica01

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San Francisco Gay Wedding-City Hall Elopement

This San Francisco gay wedding at City Hall celebrated long relationships and friendships.

Every man should be allowed to love two cities, his own and San Francisco.” – Gene Fowler. The distinctive atmosphere and elegant twist of the San Francisco Bay Area made for a delightful stage for the wedding of these two couples. The ceremony took place at City Hall San Francisco. Afterward, we traveled to North Beach, the Embarcadero, then the Palace of Fine Arts by limousine. It was a wonderful, exciting, and beautiful destination wedding experience. I was happy to be a part of it!

“Married life is good!  I just wish we maybe would have gone with smaller and lighter rings.  Even better, AFTER we got the rings, John’s brother-in-law mentioned that he opted for a “wedding watch”.  I had no idea that was even an option.  Why did he withhold this important piece of info?  Why?  :-)” …Mark

Mark and John had been together for 20 years prior to their wedding, and had the approval of friends and family for decades. Those same friends and family members had many times said to them that it was known and accepted that they were already married in everyone’s eyes. They had everything they needed. However, they each understood just how important it was to Mark and John to be legally married.

They came down to San Francisco from where they live in Texas, since they were not able to do it there. “We were familiar with the city, enjoyed visiting there.  There’s a lot of history.  It just seemed right…we just decided to do it someplace cool. “Also in attendance were  John’s brother James and of course, Keith and Michael. “Michael and I have been best friends since 1988, so he had no choice, he had to be there!”

Keith and Michael were also married that same day. “After 13 years and 5 houses together we figured it was finally time.” It began as being invited to Mark and John’s wedding. While they were helping them plan it, Mark and John said, “Hey!  You guys should do your wedding the same weekend!”  Since Keith and Michael love San Francisco, Michael even lived there for a while, so it seemed to them to be a great choice!

It was such an exciting adventure! I was able to be there for every moment, from the “wedding day jitters”, to the grand moment that had been years in the making. As Mark put it, “It was a little chaotic, a little confusing.  The justice was a little eccentric.  The building was a little loud.  The whole thing was a lot scary – or at least “nervy”.  Nothing was absolutely “planned” and we really didn’t know what to expect.  That made it all very exciting and edgy.”

Afterwards, we all took an exciting tour of San Francisco as we travelled by limo. Like Keith says, we were “running around the city in the rain snapping photos and finding delicious pizza in North Beach.” Then we went to the Embarcadero, then off to the Palace of Fine Arts for some REALLY fun portraits! The Wedding photography was seamless. It just fit with each moment. We honestly had a great time!

“We also have a friend who used to be a runway model and I think she still does stuff now and then.  She’s always very interested in photos – has lots of pro friends, etc…  And she was blown away by our (your:-)) wedding pics.  Thought they were all “perfect”.  Thank you!” – Mark

…and thank YOU Mark and John, Keith and Michael. It was my pleasure.


San Francisco Gay Wedding-City Hall Elopement



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Jacuzzi Family Vineyards Wedding | Natalya and Alex

Natalya and Alex’s Jacuzzi Family Vineyards wedding was visually stunning and emotionally uplifting. This couple made their event an incredible family affair, celebrating both their ancestors and current loved ones. The wedding celebration was filled with rich Jewish traditions and it was evident that all the guests will remember that day for a lifetime. The outdoor patio was the perfect setting for the ceremony, as guests were able to view the vineyards and valley. The reception was held in the magnificent barrel room, perfect for dinner and dancing.

From the couple Natalya and Alex: ​”You expect your wedding day to be special. Your friends warn you that some things will go wrong and that it will not matter in the grand scheme of things. You are rarely told that many more things will pleasantly surprise you in beautiful and unexpected ways. You don’t expect to be more emotional before the ceremony than during. You don’t expect to smile through the entire ceremony, when you have tissues ready. If you’ve been to a Jewish wedding and you know our friends, you do, however, expect to see many circles of high-energy, dizzying, sweat-inducing hora dancing. Surprising our photographer, Christina, our friends and family roared with enthusiasm through the most joyous dance of our now united lives.

When Alex and I think back to our wedding day, we remember overwhelming emotions we felt as our fathers brought Alex down the stairs to see me for the first time that day and to veil me as a part of Jewish tradition. The scene was accompanied by the melodic and somewhat somber sounds of Klezmer music and the black & white photographs of family members, some alive and others who have passed away. We were surrounded by our family, friends and tradition, re-enacting the ways of our ancestors. What a special way to start our lives together.”
Venue: Jacuzzi Family Vineyards Coordination: Cole Drake Events Floral Design: M Designs Make-up/hair: Meaganne McCandess



Jacuzzi Family Vineyards Wedding

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